Late Summer Wedding Sylva NC

Love the story of how these two met!  Now living in DC, after enduring the challenges of Law School and Medical School, they returned to North Carolina to wed...where they met years ago at Summer Camp in Brevard. 

Caitlin and Walter initially planned on a camp theme, but as our discussions progressed, Vintage Mountain Chic kept coming to life.  This is when Caitlin decided to hire East West Vintage rentals to supply her vintage dishware and provide floral design.  

Walter's Dad brewed the beer himself, bringing a "taste of home" to their wedding...adding to the fun.  I found out very quickly what a dancing crowd this was as everyone hit the dance floor and never returned to their seats.  

What a beautiful Saturday in early September, considering hurricane Matthew was raising havoc on the East Coast of the Carolinas.  Although Caitlin and Walter were never seemingly stressed over the weather, and just happy to be marrying their soul mates, we were all relieved when the sun was shining on their day.