Rustic Vintage Pennsylvania Farm Wedding

Amy decided to go home to her parents' farm to marry the man of her dreams...and Martha Stewart was just as excited.

Amy and Leo took a somewhat different approach from the traditional, adding many of their own unique DIY elements. Owners of Printfresh, a Philadelphia based textile design studio, of course Amy and Leo were very involved creatively...searching out equally creative professionals for collaboration; their wedding cake was delivered from NYC .  

Bridesmaids dresses were screen-printed, dyed, and sewn by Amy and her friends.  The same design was used for sachets of lavender for guests to toss after the ceremony. 

Amy searched flea markets for months leading up to the wedding, gathering vintage containers for her centerpieces.  Amy found not one, but two wedding dresses as she hunted for vintage items at a small New Jersey antique shop.   She had not planned on changing into a second dress for the reception, but couldn't resist.